The People * Leadership * Process * Solutions Community invites you to take one of the three tested and proven Performance Priorities Assessments™ – PPAs™. In a highly collaborative manner, business professionals and academics have developed the following three assessment tools:

PPA #1 – Focuses on Individual Opportunities for Improvement and Self-Development

(Useful for Individuals seeking mentoring assistance for Personal Improvement.)

PPA #2 – Focuses on Departmental Opportunities for Improvement and Team Development

(Addresses Departmental Challenges that require Proactive Collaboration.)

PPA #3 – Focuses on Organizational Improvements and Company-Wide Business Development

(Methodology to address Sustainable Business Development and Continuous Improvement)

After completing one of the above Assessment Tools, insights into the inter-active dynamics of People * Leadership * Process will be provided, focusing on Individual, Department, or Organizational Opportunities depending on which assessment tool is completed.

Each completed assessment will yield a summary report of the macro findings, immediate performance improvement opportunities, and recommendations for consideration.

Please contact the People * Leadership * Process *Solutions, Inc. ™ team at for further information and assistance with any of the above PPA ™ Assessment Tools.