“The Cultural Conflicts in Business Between Generations” © …

“Traditionalist Leaders” © – “TLs” © and “Futurist Leaders” ©– “FLs” ©

… And What About the “Synergistic Leaders” © – “SLs” © 

One time or another all organizations will face a variety of market place challenges, and each entity will continue to face these challenges well into the future.  At the foreground of some of these issues are significant competition, continuous regulatory changes, and uncertainty due to the dynamics of our domestic and international financial landscapes, employee loyalty, organizational trust, the growing need for enlightened leadership, generational/cultural conflicts, and a variety of other controversial obstacles.

An Overview of “TLs” © and “FLs” ©

Let us first focus on the cultural conflicts between multi-generations, as related to our past, current, and future business environments in the United States and global economy.  For more than 5 years our organization has been studying, researching, investigating, and analyzing what influences both groups.  The terminology used to identify the first group is the “Traditionalist Leaders” © – “TLs.” ©   These are individuals, whose ages span the 50s / 60s / 70s and who were born approximately between the 1940s and 1960s into the 1970s.  The terminology used to identify the second group is the “Futurist Leaders” © – “FLs.” ©   These are individuals, whose ages span the 20s / 30s / 40s and who were born between 1970s and early 1990s.  The result of and extensive number of years of practical/academic analysis, ongoing study/research, and “real-world” experiences, relative to the social behaviors within these two groups, has created an awareness of the ever growing conflict and dissension between these entities.  Both groups are influenced by differing perspectives born on cultural and personal imprints from those around them, how each group chooses to see their surroundings, what personally drives each group’s individual ambitions and self-fulfillment, and by the social, political, and financial dynamics of their times.  The intellectual foundation and common ground of both groups is rooted in a desire to achieve sustainable results.  The shared goal is to benefit both entities relative to personal and business success, achieving a common vision, and obtaining the desired outcomes.

3 Key “Take-Aways”

  1. “Traditionalist Leaders”© -“TLs” © are Working Professionals in their 50s / 60s / 70s … “Futurist Leaders” © -“FLs” © are Working Professionals in their 20s / 30s / 40s
  2.  Both groups are influenced by their cultural backgrounds and sociological dynamics
  3.  Both groups do want to achieve success and attain sustainable results


We welcome your thoughtful comments, concerns, perspectives, and experiences relative to “TLs” © and “FLs” ©.

In the next PLP Blog, we will discuss the sociological dynamics of each group.

We invite you to return to this blog for more interactive analysis of these two groups in discovering the solutions to the challenges each group faces interacting with one another.


… And What About the “Synergistic Leaders” © – “SLs” ©?

Be sure to come back to the PLP Blog to read more about the dynamic “Synergistic Leaders” © – “SLs” © … enlightened leaders who value both the “FLs” © and the “TLs” ©.