The following Performance Improvement Programs are designed in concert with
our highly valued customers, leading academics, and successful business
professionals. Each program is a proven system structured and tailored to assist
each customer in achieving their 5 Keys to Sustainable Success: Sustaining and
Increasing Revenues, Maximizing Profits and Shareholder Equity, Effective Cost
Management, Day-to-Day Operations Efficiencies, and Outstanding Customer
Service for Both Internal and External Customers. These programs represent a
sample of the People * Leadership * Process * Solutions programs we respectfully
and effectively implement in harmony with each customer …

  • Enterprise Development Programs
  • Repeatable Service Superiority™ – RSS™
  • Innovative Employees with Effective Solutions™ – IEES™
  • Healthcare Cost Management™ – HCM™
  • Sustaining a Value Based Customer Relationship™ – SVBCR™
  • Safety Leadership Is Everyone’s Responsibility™
  • Continuous Quality Improvement in the Real-World™ – CQIRW™
  • Executive and Personnel Development Programs
  • Executive Board of Directors Coaching
  • Executive Senior Leadership Team Coaching
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Personnel Coaching – All Levels
  • Personal Mentoring – All levels
  • Team Efficiencies and Management Programs
  • Managing Highly Effective Teams
  • Managing Highly Functional Teams
  • Employee Development, Motivation, and Engagement
  • Trust in Organizations-Instilling, Managing, and Living Trust in Organizations

For further information and additional Performance Improvement Program Consulting
, please contact to request further information.