The overall mission of People * Leadership * Process * Solutions, Inc. ™ – PLP ™ is to collaborate with a broad base of domestic and international “Futurist Leaders”
and “Traditionalist Leaders” to simplify solutions to complex challenges.
Continuous Assessment, Knowledge Sharing, and Innovation is at the heart of
each PLP ™ initiative. The i-Think Tank™ has been established as the
forum to continuously seek new ideas, concepts, and insights from the wealth of
talent and intellectual resources that exist in our organizational communities.
Innovative thinking, the sharing of current knowledge, and the presentation of
future concepts for consideration reflect the primary goals of the PLP ™ i-Think Tank™. These are essential objectives in the PLP ™ quest to seek
new ideas and approaches to resolve on a continuum the predictable and
unpredictable obstacles we face in our day-to-day endeavors, as we strive for
continuous success.

The i-Think Tank™ is a knowledge based community made up of unique
individuals, who represent multi-generations, multi-cultures, and disciplines from
around the world … People who seek to make a difference by lending a respectful
and helping hand to one another in a harmonious environment.
We invite you to participate in the i-Thank Tank™ on a regular basis.
This innovation resource is open to all who wish to candidly dialogue with one
another, wish to share knowledge with one another, and seek to stimulate
creative thinking based on personal experiences.

Do you have an i-Think Tank™ topic or current industry trend you would like to address?  The People * Leadership * Process i-Think Tank™ is a valuable place to find the answers and a safe place to have open discussions that are kept anonymous!  This i-Think Tank™ is a place to share information and gather insights from fellow industry experts. Please check the PLP Blog for the latest i-Think Tank™ topic and what is being posted by your business cohorts.

All information and questions submitted are kept in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with anyone outside People * Leadership * Process * Solutions.  Please submit any i-Think Tank topic you would like to see addressed in the text box on the right side of this page or to the following “link” at