At the request of our community members, People * Leadership * Process * Solutions, Inc. ™ has established an Advisory Panel to benefit our Community Members. The purpose of this Advisory Panel is to provide open discussion, share ideas, and to express concerns with individuals, who will offer open-minded recommendations and sound guidance to our Community Members.

The members of the Advisory Panel are trustworthy individuals, who are carefully screened before they are approved to participate on the Advisory Panel. These subject matter and experienced people have proven records of accomplishment and have a genuine interest in the success of All Community Members.

The primary focus of the Advisory Panel is to eliminate any form of bias and to function and promise to serve you, as a proactive sounding board, a resource for innovative ideas and professional expertise, and pledge to provide honest, trustworthy, and constructive advice.

Whether your question, challenge, or quest for additional guidance and knowledge is driven by a personal need, a business problem, or a desire to gain valuable self-development insight, the Advisory Panel commits to being trustworthy. They want to listen to your needs and have a sincere desire to contribute to you and to your future well-being.

The Advisory Panel meets on a regular basis to discuss the questions and concerns submitted by our Community Members. The Panel collectively reviews the inquiries submitted and provides their cooperative expertise to help you make informed decisions, avoid mistakes, and to be a resource to assist each Community Member to take the correct personal and business course of action.

Please feel comfortable in submitting your anonymous questions and inquiries to the Advisory Panel by accessing the “link” below or in the text box on this page. Any individuals requesting personal interaction with any panel member will do so solely upon each individual’s unique request for one-on-one personal assistance and guidance. All questions will be anonymously communicated in an effort to help one another candidly learn from one each other’s experiences and accomplishments and to answer any questions in a private manner.  Please submit your questions to