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Current and relevant issues will be addressed by YOU, your cohorts, and by the People * Leadership * Process Advisory Board.  The content of the e-Vents Forums™ throughout each year will be driven by the Voice of Your People * Leadership * Process Community.

You are invited to join the People * Leadership * Process Community and to participate in this interactive and collaborative sharing of information among one another.  Each highly interactive and engaging e-Vents Forum™ will explore, analyze, and address the realities we experience day-to-day in our mutual quest for personal and organizational success.  We welcome you to be part of this vibrant intellectual and social gathering of individuals seeking positive resolution to everyday challenges!

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In the coming months People * Leadership * Process * Solutions will be hosting several half-day seminars/symposiums that will cover a diverse set of topics … such as Managing Functional Teams / The Generational Collision and How to Address this Phenomena / Healthcare Cost Management ™/ Safety Leadership is Everyone’s Responsibility ™ / and a variety of subjects based on your individual and collective interests and requests.
Please review the e-Vents section of your People * Leadership * Process * Solutions website to access information on specific seminars/symposiums and the date and time for these important e-Vents.